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a b o u t m e

Graduation, Berkeley, California, 2001

Ph.D., (currently pursuing)
School of Information (iSchool)
University of California, Berkeley

Ludwig-Maximilians-University: Munich, Germany, Economics
Lecturing at LMU/TU on "Science, Technology and Society"
Interests in RFID, IT Product Development, Wireless Technologies, Economics

M.I.M.S, 2005
School of Information Systems and Management (SIMS)
3.85 GPA
University of California, Berkeley

Management of Technology Certificate December 2004, Haas School of Business

B.S., B.A., 2001
Environmental Biology & Economics
University of California, Berkeley

And for all of those curious individuals googling (yeah, I said it, come get me for trademark dilution, Google) from my high school class, I attended Alhambra High School in Martinez, California. Also known as Rick Riley



Currently, I am back in California, focusing on my Ph.D. coursework and working at Boalt Hall School of Law as a Graduate Researcher, after teaching and pursuing research at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität as a Fulbright Research Fellow from 2005-6. In the Fall 2005, I presented my Master's degree and final project (mReplay) at U.C. Berkeley's School of Information Management & Systems. However, I've worked part-time at the International House, and working with Professor Yale Braunstein on a new course, "Realizing Digital Convergence." I have also previously been employed at America Online during the Summer of 2004 in AOL Time Warner's digital imaging department. It was difficult, but I left my position as Assistant Director at the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology to attend graduate school at UC Berkeley.

Berkeley Center for Law & Technology (BCLT)
Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California, Berkeley
Assistant Director, Academic Assistant . . . . . 2001-2003

  • Planned and implemented programs, conferences and academic symposiums related to intellectual property (such as the DRM and IPNTA Conferences)
  • Provide support to other Law School faculty for teaching, research, and pro bono activities
  • Designed logos, publications and templates for all of BCLT’s public media
  • Built webpages in BCLT’s current 300+ page website
  • Legal research for lecture materials, academic research, and academic publications.
  • Supervised staff members on numerous professional projects and research.
  • Provided miscellaneous technical support (video editing, software coding, software support, computer networking, OS Support on Windows XP, 2000, 2000 Server, Linux, Lindows, and the Mac OS X.)


I am involved with the following organizations:

mReplay: On-demand Instant Mobile Replay for Sports Events finalproject


mReplay: Instant. Mobile. Replay.

On-demand sports replay… whenever you want it

Free, unlimited replays

Works on many current mobile phones

VCR-like control: pause, rewind, fast forward anytime

Vote with others on your favorite play, player, or whether a play was called accurately by the officials

No television commercials

No monthly charges

I am working on a final project called mReplay,™a patent-pending information system that provides on-demand instant sports replay and traditional media convergence functionality to most mobile devices, even those mobile devices without video playback. This project is part of SIMS Research at the University of California, Berkeley's School of Information Management & Systems.

With mReplay™, an individual anywhere, whether at the event stadium, commuting home from work, or even watching the sporting event on television can replay and pause a sporting event on their mobile device, contribute their opinion of the best player of the game, or vote as to whether an officiating call was accurate. mReplay™ is designed to work with any mobile phone with an image quality screen. mReplay™ is a solution to an intriguing problem; that individuals attending sporting events generally have less information than those watching the same game on television or even listening to the game on the radio, where commentators attempt to explain events and sometimes replay events repeatedly, showing the viewer a certain play. Fans either attending a sporting event, listening on the radio, or watching the program on television have few ways of consolidating information. People may want to vote for their favorite player, or favorite play, or on whether an officiating call was correct or not. Currently, no such system exists on the market.


i n t e r e s t s

academic: The defining reason behind my decision to pursue graduate school at SIMS was that the school, like my own interests, does not focus on a narrow field of study. In fact, SIMS's student leave South Hall with a keen understanding of many salient fields, such as:

  • Economics of Information
  • Cyberlaw
  • Encryption and Privacy
  • Digital Media
  • Electronic Commerce


Feel free to contact me at: patrick at sims dot berkeley dot edu



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some academic and professional friends of mine and their focuses:

Ryan Shaw: Historical informatics, digital humanities, semantic interfaces to cultural resources. University of California, Berkeley.

Erich Schubert: Database and information systems. Ludwig-Maximilians-University.

Haowen Chan: sensor networks, network security, and distributed algorithms. Carnegie Mellon University.

Jens Grossklags: Security, Privacy, Economics of Information Sysmtes, University of California, Berkeley.






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