My research group studies the design and use of information and communication technologies for sustainable development. We have designed and implemented several new community information platforms supporting applications in agriculture, health, education, microfinance, governance and other areas.

I am an associate professor at the UC Berkeley School of Information. I also advise several startup companies, including Awaaz.De, Captricity, NextDrop, and Acopio.


2012- Village Base Station: Small-scale Community Cellular Networks
2011- Umati: Grading CS Exams with a Crowd-sourcing Vending Machine
2010- Local Ground: Using Paper Maps to Collect and Share Local Knowledge
2010- Awaaz.De: Giving Communities a Voice using Voice Social Media
2010- Captricity: Turning Paper Forms into Data using the Cloud and Crowd
2009- Metamouse: Equitable Sharing using Multiple Mice for Collaborative Education
2008- Usher: Adaptive Forms for Improving Data Entry Accuracy and Efficiency
2007- OpenRosa: Open Source Standards and Tools for Mobile Data Collection
2007- CommCare: Mobile Tools for Community Health Workers (with UW, Dimagi and D-Tree)
2007- e-IMCI: Automated Mobile Phone Protocols for Diagnosis of Childhood Illnesses (with UW, Dimagi, D-Tree and IHRDC)
2006- Digital ICS: Inspection, Monitoring and Quality Control for Rural Coffee Cooperatives (with CEPCO and Asobagri) video
2003- Self-Help MIS: Management Information System for Self-Help Groups (SHGs) (with ekgaon and CCD) video
2003-7 CAM: Mobile Data Collection using a Camera-equipped Mobile Phone (Ph.D. Thesis) video
2002-3 Hisaab: User Interface Design for Rural, Less-educated Users (with Media Lab Asia, Human Factors International and CCD)
2002-3 Indic Computing: Open Source Standards and Tools for Indic-language Computing
2000-2 Knownet-Grin: Knowledge Network for Grassroots Innovators (with SRISTI and IIM-Ahmedabad)
1997-9 WIL: A Compiler Intermediate Language with Explicit Support for Representations (Master's Thesis)
1994-6 Cation Binding Selectivity of EF-Hand Sites: Perturbation Dynamics of Galactose Binding Protein (Undergraduate Honors Thesis)


2013- Alternative Visions of Technology: Graduate seminar at the UC Berkeley School of Information
2013- Distributed Computing Applications and Infrastructure: Graduate course at the UC Berkeley School of Information
2009- ICT for Social Enterprise: Graduate workshop at the UC Berkeley School of Information
2008- User Interface Design and Development: Graduate course at the UC Berkeley School of Information
2008- ICTD Research Seminar: Graduate seminar at the UC Berkeley School of Information
2003-7 Computing in the Developing World: Graduate seminar at UW CSE (occasionally with Intel Research Seattle and Microsoft Research)
2004 Information Technology and Public Policy: Graduate course at UW CSE (with Berkeley, UCSD and Microsoft)
2000-1 Gujarat Vidyapith: Lecturer in Master's program in Computer Applications