Professor Pamela Samuelson
University of California, Berkeley
Fall 1998  ~  Boalt Hall

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	There are three texts for this course:  Richard H. Chused,
A Copyright Anthology:  The Technology Frontier (1998); Mark Rose,
Authors and Owners: The Invention of Copyright (1993); and a
photocopied supplement of articles.  Articles from the supplement are
identified by an (S) next to the name of the author (sans parentheses).
Readings from each of these sources, along with the date and subject
of our discussions, are indicated below:

Part I:  Infusion Of Perspectives From Other Fields Into Copyright

8/17	Authorship as a construct; impact of the	Chused 2-40
	romantic conception of authorship		(Litman & Jaszi)

8/24	Economic and philosophical perspectives		Chused 453-73
	on copyright 					(Sterk, Netanel)

8/31	More on economic and philosophical		Chused 41-56
	perspectives on copyright 			(Gordon)
							Lunney 483-92,
							627-56 (S)

9/8ish	Artistic perspectives on copyright 		Chused 359-78, 	
							(Harmon, Gordon) 

Part II:  The Politics of Copyright:  An Historical Perspective

9/21	Public choice theory and the legislative	Chused 59-80
	politics of copyright				(Litman)
							Boyle (S)	

9/28	Copyright as a publishers' right before the 	Rose 9-48
	Statute of Anne

10/5	Transformation of copyright in the aftermath 	Rose 67-112
	of the Statute of Anne

10/12	Constitutional dimensions of copyright:		Hamilton (S)
	what were the founders trying to achieve?	1-59

Part III:  Challenges to Copyright In the Information Age

11/2	Sui generis regimes and related challenges	Reichman (S)
	to the traditional copyright paradigm in an	2434-53, 2476-
	age of information-rich technologies		2504

11/9	Challenges to traditional copyright		Chused 406-32
	arising from the TRIPS Agreement		(Nimmer, McManis)
	(end of copyright?-part 1)			Hamilton (S)

11/16	Copyright and developing countries:		Reichman (S),
	what's in it for them?				Alford (S) 

11/23	Digerati-libertarian threat to copyright	Barlow (S), Chused, 
	(end of copyright?-part 2)			226-38 (Litman)

11/30	Copyright subsumed by contract and 		Cohen 1-21, 62-84,
	technology (end of copyright?-part 3)		90-106, 116-21 (S)

12/7	Postmodern attacks on copyright			Coombs (S)