Game of Thrones

Major Factions

The world of Westeros is filled with numerous factions. Let's look at the six most powerful ones.

Meet the Contenders for the Iron Throne

Main Contenders

Three individuals stand out in the race to win the Iron Throne.

The Current Landscape

Most characters' allegiances lie with one of the three contenders to the Iron Throne. While a supporter can be born into one House, they can end up supporting a contender from another House.


This graph displays the individual character level interactions.
Each node in the graph represents a character and the edge represents an interaction between two character pairs.
Node colors are indicative of the house the character belongs to.
The background color indicates communities detected by strength of character interactions.

Family Interactions

This graph abstracts from the previous graphs and displays the interactions taking place among families or allegiances.

- Each arc in the diagram represents one of the six factions.
- Each faction may have allegiances across factions.
- Hover over an arc to highlight an arc.
- Hover over a ribbon to view quantified interaction combinations.
- The dropdown can be used to view interactions across seasons

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Character Popularity

Along with popularity of the show, the popularity of the characters also increased over the seasons. The following graph displays the character popularity using twitter mentions of those characters within 48 hours of the episode airing.

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