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Interaction Designer / Prototyper
San Francisco, CA
MS - Information School, UC Berkeley
BS - Computer Science, NTU
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Music Bottle

Music Bottle Exerciser is a mobile finger exerciser with digital user performance feedback and social games.

We want to improve current finger exercise devices, which only afford intensive and repetitive training, and provide user with little incentive and motivation.

We transformed the tedious and repetitious finger strength training of pressing down by gamifying the exercises, and allowing multiple users to interact while exercising together.

I designed the interaction flow and implemented the effect in Arduino.


Ultraficial is a 300 character encyclopedia for knowledge creation sharing and management.

While time is precious, people need quick information about many things in many different situations. However, information on the web becomes overloading and requires cognitive effort to choose and filter unimportant content. Ultraficial uses crowd-sourced content to let users quick search, read, share, curate knowledge snippets.

Our team went through the design process from contextual inquiry to final user study. I designed the low-fi prototype and implemented functional prototype using Xcode.

Check out the prototype on InVisionApp.


AIYA – Audio Image for Young Artists, is a drawing app that records user’s drawing and voice. Availible now on App Store.

Children tell stories when they are drawing. AIYA records the creative process for children’s story telling and imagination. Parents can replay the drawings that automatically stored in the device, or make stories together with their children.

I was the interaction designer and the developer of this project. We also conducted user testing in the park with children and their parents.


Environmental Reporter is an open source mobile app on both iPhone and Android platforms for users to report environmental issues to the government.

We made it easy for the public to report to the government any evironmental issues they encounter.

I was in charge of UI design and refined it through the cycle of prototype testing, and implemened it on Android platform.


A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is an online course that can involve 100,000s of students at one time.

We created a MOOC dashboard that provides instructors a view into their data, to better understand what is currently going on in the course. We received data from the MOOC platform edX and used the data of the course CS188.1x Artificial Intelligence. With that data we created a dashboard that provides information on the students’ current activities during week three of the course.

I was in charged of front-end developement including HTML, CSS, and d3.js.


iRotate, an approach to automatically rotate screens on mobile devices to match users’ face orientation, works in real-time on iPhone and iPad.

Current approaches to automatic screen rotation are based on gravity and device orientation. iRotate augments gravity-based approach, and uses front cameras on mobile devices to detect users’ faces and rotates screens accordingly.

I designed the questionnaire to understand how serious the problem is, and designed and conducted a 20-person experiment to understand the feasibility and the performance. The paper, iRotate: Automatic Screen Rotation based on Face Orientation", which was accepted by ACM SIGCHI 2012.

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