Workshop on UbiComp Privacy
September 11, 2005 - Tokyo, Japan

Privacy Workshop - Tentative Program
Sunday, September 11th, 8:30am, Takanawa Prince Hotel, Shinagawa

08:30 Opening and Introductions (Chair: John Canny)

09:00 Social and legal issues in ubicomp privacy (Chair: Scott Mainwaring)

[10:00 Coffee Break]

10:30 Methods for investigating and designing ubicomp privacy (Chair: Scott Mainwaring)

11:30 Building privacy systems: Short presentations (Chair: Jason Hong)

[12:30 Lunch]

14:00 Groupwork sessions (Chairs: Jens Grossklags and Marc Langheinrich)

[15:00 Coffee Break]

15:30 Groupwork (cont.)

16:30 Presentations & Discussion (Chair: Jens Grossklags)

[17:30 end of workshop]

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