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Mobile Phones and African Studies

Now Available: Mobile Phones: The New Talking Drums of Everyday Africa Edited by Mirjam de Bruijn, Francis Nyamnjoh and Inge Brinkman. Langaa Publishers / ASC, 2009. Available on and ABC Books. ‘We cannot imagine life now without a mobile … Continue reading

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Talk for CITRIS now on YouTube

The talk I gave to CITRIS on February 11th is available on YouTube.  It was titled, ”Co-Evolution of the Mobile Phone and Its Users in Rural Uganda.” Abstract: Mobile phones are being rapidly and enthusiastically adopted in rural, even non-electrified regions in Uganda. … Continue reading

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Insights Drawn from Newspaper Ads

The text reads “phones of love” [essimu ya malaavu] and the ad appeared in the Daily Monitor, one of the main Ugandan newspapers, in the lead up to Valentine’s Day.  It reflects the phenomenon of mobile phone gifting from men to women that I heard a great … Continue reading

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Working Paper: Shared Access and Equality

I’ve just posted a new working paper titled, “Evaluating Shared Access: social equality and the circulation of mobile phones in rural Uganda“  ABSTRACT: This article examines forms of shared access to technology where some privileges of ownership are retained. I … Continue reading

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Talk at Michigan State

I was invited to give a talk on March 4th at Michigan State University for the department of Telecommunications, Information Studies, and Media.  The topic “What Constitutes ‘Good’ ICTD research” was based on a discussion over methodology carried out on the … Continue reading

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