Modern Information Retrieval
Chapter 1: Introduction


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6. How to Use this Book

Although several people have contributed chapters for this book, it is really a textbook. The contents and the structure of the book have been carefully designed by the two main authors who also authored or coauthored nine of the 15 chapters in the book. Further, all the contributed chapters have been judiciously edited and integrated into a unifying framework that provides uniformity in structure and style, a common glossary, a common bibliography, and appropriate cross-references. At the end of each chapter, a discussion on research issues, trends, and selected bibliography is included. This discussion should be useful for graduate students as well as for researchers. Furthermore, the book is complemented by a Web page with additional information and resources.

1. Teaching Suggestions

This textbook can be used in many different areas including computer science (CS), information systems, and library science. The following list gives suggested contents for different courses at the undergraduate and graduate level, based on syllabuses of many universities around the world:

More bibliography useful for many of the courses above is discussed in the last section of this chapter.

2. The Book's Web Page

As IR is a very dynamic area nowadays, a book by itself is not enough. For that reason (and many others), the book has a Web home page located and mirrored in the following places (mirrors in USA and Europe are also planned):

Comments, suggestions, contributions, or mistakes found are welcome through email to the contact authors given on the Web page.

The Web page contains the Table of Contents, Preface, Acknowledgements, Introduction, Glossary, and other appendices to the book. It also includes exercises and teaching materials that will be increasing in volume and changing with time. In addition, a reference collection (containing 1239 documents on Cystic Fibrosis and 100 information requests with extensive relevance evaluation [swwt91]) is available for experimental purposes. Furthermore, the page includes useful pointers to IR syllabuses in different universities, IR research groups, IR publications, and other resources related to IR and this book. Finally, any new important results or additions to the book as well as an errata will be made publicly available there.

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