Marti A. Hearst


University of California, Berkeley

Advice for Prospective Students and Interns

Thinking about applying for a PhD at Berkeley?

Berkeley is a fantastic place to do research, and I encourage you to apply. The School of Information, is a good fit for students who seek an interdisciplinary degree. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is a good fit for students with a strong technical background. To determine which is the best fit, look the course requirements, and the research of the students who have graduated recently who will be typical of your cohort.

PhD graduate admissions are handled at a department-wide level in both schools, and so emailing me about your application will not help your cause. For more information about how to apply, visit the I School and EECS Graduate Admissions pages.

Interested in a Professional Masters degree in HCI?

The I School MIMS 2 year degree is a fantastic professional degree appropriate for students who want to study a blend of human-computer interaction, policy, technology, data science, management, society, privacy, and so on. Our graduates go on to excellent jobs in the public and private sector. A few choose to pursue research and PhDs, but research is not the focus of the Masters degree.

Requesting an Internship at UC Berkeley?

I'm afraid I cannot help with requests for internships from non-UCB students and cannot reply to emails requesting these.