Errata Errata

Intermediate Microeconomics

Hal Varian

October 14, 1999

Errata in Fifth Edition

Printing 1


p310. Corrected footnote wording to say that all four auction forms yield the same allocation and the same expected price, and add reference to Paul Klemperer's survey.

p311, line 10. Changed wording to say ``an optimal strategy.''

p311, line 20. Removed ``strategically.''

p612. Removed reference to ``Figure'' (which wasn't included).

p613. Changed a and b to a and b on entire page.

Errata Remaining in Fourth Edition

p19. A question got dropped, making question 7 unintelligible. Should add the question back in. (Pablo Florian)

p. 215, figure 12.1 The ``Choice'' point on the horizontal axis is labelled $35,000 - gK - K. It should be $25,000 - gK + K (the post-accident wealth, minus the premium paid, plus the insurance payment received).

p. 241. ``The Standard & Poor's index is based on the average performance of 500 stocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange.'' Not true! Many stocks other than NYSE stocks are in S&P500.

p. 506, ``According to Walras' law it must also be true that ...'' In the following equation, the p1 and p2 multiplying the excess demands should be p1* and p2*.

Printing 6


337 Figure 19.1 the horizontal axis should be labeled x1, not x

429, 14 up. x10 should be x1m.

Printing 5


Chapter 2

30, Figure 2.6. Needs A and B labels under figure.

Chapter 7

122, Figure 7.3. The line to the right of Z should be horizontal. (John Weymark)

Chapter 12

227, problem 2c. This is only an affine transformation for fixed p1 and the question doesn't specify that. Probably should change the question to avoid confusion. (Marcelo Clerici-Arias)

Chapter 28

485, shift wB1 to left about .25 inch, and shift wA2 up by the same.

Printing 4


Chapter Preface

xxi, Profit Maximization chapter is omitted in flowchart by mistake.

Chapter 2

30, Figure 2.6. Should draw figure to scale. Also, should have number.

Chapter 3

46, should say ``gives a weight of t to the x-bundle and 1-t to the y-bundle.''

51, 4 lines from start of section. Omit ``at -1''.

Chapter 12

220, 9 up. 10 should be 15. (S-Maus)

226, 2 up. Figure 12.2 should be 12.1 (S-Maus)

Printing 4


430, right before quote: ``eighteenth'' should be ``nineteenth''.

431, line 5. ``eighteenth'' should be ``nineteenth.''

489, fragment missing at top of page: ``A senior director of marketing for a major U.S. airline described a case in which Northwest lowered fares on night flights from Minneapolis to various...''

Printing 3


Chapter 16

285, 10 and 14 down. pp should be dp. (S-Maus) FIXED

290, 6 down. it should be bt. (S-Maus)

Chapter 19

336, line 1. ``equations'' should be ``expressions'' (S-Maus) FIXED

Chapter 20

357, 3 lines below figure. ``three'' should be ``four''. (S-Maus) FIXED

Chapter 21

371, figure caption. Should say ``producer's surplus''. (S-Maus) FIXED

Chapter 22

392, paragraph 4. say ``industry with entry legally restricted.'' (S-Maus)

Chapter 25

440, axis label: should say ``factor'' rather than ``labor''. (S-Maus)

445, (answer to question 2 on A23). Say ``we would presumably see unemployment.'' (S-Maus)

Chapter 32

576, line 10. Should be p-pg(p-c). (S-Maus)

Printing 2


Chapter 2

30, Figure 2.6. Label is missing.

Chapter 5

83, Table 5.1. Numbers in utility column should be (57., 33.9, 47.9, 67.8, 95.8, 80.6, 161.). (Ernest Lucas)

84, middle of page. ``... better off than he was in year 2 but worse off than he was in year 3.''

Chapter 15

245, Figure 14.1. Label on wrong side of page.

Chapter 16

285. line 10: pp should be dp. line 14: pp should be dp. line 20: DB should be bc. (Stefano Chinellato)

286. line 4: CZ should be bc. (Stefano Chinellato)

Chapter 21

p. 371, Figure 21.5. Figure explanation should say producer surplus, not consumer surplus.

Printing 1


Chapter 27

474. Game matrix should be white, not blue. (Hal Varian)

Chapter 32

568, line 9. Should say ``... the expected cost of the crime to the criminal, p(e)F, is independent ...'' (Peter Huang)

573, last word on page. Should be ``victim.'' (Peter Huang)

Chapter Appendix

A2. Figure should be drawn to scale.

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