Footprint download

How to install and use footprint

1) Footprint is written in Python, so the first thing you have to do is to download and install Python.

2) Click here to download footprint. Save the file as

2) Next you need a machine readable 10-K filing. You can get these at the EDGAR site or you can download this sample of Enron's 2000 10-K.

3) Save the 10-K with some file name. We'll call it abc.txt. The abc can be anything you like, but it has to have the txt extension. You will want doc.gif in the same directory that you saved the 10-K.

4) Type " abc". If you are running Windows you might need to type something like "c:\Python22\python.exe abc". Note: do not use an extension on the filename.

5) Footprint will create two files: abc-n.htm and abc-d.htm. Load abc-n.htm into your browser and you are all set to browse the footnotes.