Play Tests

Play Test #2 - Ongoing at UC Berkeley Faculty Art Show, Worth Ryder Gallery, Kroeber Hall

Up to five players control the three axes of movement through an increasingly complicated path. The level begins with a slow series of turns but builds up to a complex series of ups, downs, and twists that can challenge even the most adventurous public performer. This has enabled us to experiment with the interaction between voice and screen and between players; it has also helped us plan for our multi-level game design. We've already learned much and are currently iterating on the gallery floor. In the area? Come on over and play.


Download video (7.4 mb ZIP file, file is in .mp4 format)




Play Test #1 - 5/14/04 at Open House for the Berkeley Institute of Design

In this version of the game, three players control a spherical cursor in order to hit a set of targets. Multiple targets demand that the players coordinate their actions. Each player controlled an axis of motion using just pitch.

Greg playing the first Organum prototype Three players play first Organum prototype

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