About Me

I'm a Masters student at the School of Information at UC Berkeley, where I'm focusing on Interaction Design and Product Management. I'm also participating in the Management of Technology program at the Haas School of Business to effectively handle technology management challenges in the future.

I completed my undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Engineering with computer technology as the major from R.T.M Nagpur University, India in 2005. After completing my undergrad, I worked for the information technology consulting company in India. I am also looking for full-time employment opportunities since I will be graduating soon. If you think there would be a match of interests then I'd love to hear from you.

How to pronounce my name?

I have experienced that my name is particularly difficult to pronounce for non Indian languages speakers. Thus I have created the disambiguation of my name which is as follows.
My Name: Dhawal
Disambiguation for Pronounciation: Dha + Wal
Pronounce "Dha" as in "the" with stress on "h". Followed by "wal" as in "wall" but less stress on initial high rising "wa" of "wall"
My name is Sanskrit (mother of all Indian languages) word for color white. It also signifies peace and tranquility.