David Bamman

Assistant Professor
School of Information
University of California, Berkeley

Affiliated appointment, EECS
Faculty, Berkeley AI Research Lab (BAIR)
Senior Fellow, Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS)

twitter: @dbamman
email: dbamman at berkeley.edu

Summer 2020 office hours: by appointment


I'm an assistant professor in the School of Information at UC Berkeley (with an affiliated appointment in EECS), where I work on applying natural language processing and machine learning to empirical questions in the humanities and social sciences. My research often involves adding linguistic structure (e.g., syntax, semantics, coreference) to statistical models of text. As such, I'm especially interested in developing core NLP techniques for a variety of languages and domains (e.g., literary text, social media). Before Berkeley, I received my PhD at Carnegie Mellon (School of Computer Science, Language Technologies Institute) and was a senior researcher at the Perseus Project of Tufts University.

Research group


  • The NSF has awarded me a CAREER grant to work on improving NLP for contemporary fiction and mining fiction to improve real-world systems.
  • The NSF is funding our work "Building Subjective Knowledge Bases by Modeling Viewpoints" ($500,000, co-PI with UMass). The project website can be found here: www.subjectivekb.org.
  • I've been awarded an Amazon Research Award to support work on the computational analysis of literary texts.
  • The NEH is funding our work on using visual information in the computational analysis of books ($325,000, co-PI with CMU)
  • Teaching