• Connor Skye Riley

    Front End Web Developer
    BitTorrent, Inc.

    Master's Information Management & Systems
    UC Berkeley School of Information

    Bachelors of Engineering (Computing)
    Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

    Resume (PDF)

  • Project Bamboo

    Competencies: User interviews, focus groups, data analysis, sketching, wireframing

    Project Bamboo seeks to advance arts & humanities research using technology services. By conducting qualitative user studies and focus groups, I generated a number of wireframe interfaces demonstrating concepts for online communities for humanities scholars. These were used to further refine user requirements and as part of the larger project proposal.

    Wireframe: Conference Networking
    Wireframe: Enhanced Publishing

  • Collaboration
    Spring 2009

    Competencies: Web design, web development

    I worked with Morten Hansen, Harvard Business School professor and author of the new book Collaboration to design and implement the book's website.
    The site includes a full user management system created in PHP and MySQL, to allow readers to take surveys from the book, and for collecting and analyzing the survey data.


  • The Farmer's Market Explorer
    User Interface Design, Spring 2009

    Competencies: User interviews, sketching, prototyping

    As a course project, I developed this prototype web-based mobile application in a team of two. We followed user-centered design methodologies to develop an application which enables farmer's market patrons to post reviews, pictures, and information about what they buy and which farmers they buy from. Technologies used include PHP, MySQL, AJAX, and the Google Maps API.

    The Farmer's Market Explorer

  • University Village Energy Management
    Info. Systems & Service Design, Fall 2008

    Competencies: Use case modeling, requirements gathering, service blueprinting, sketching

    I planned a prototypical service to help residents and administrators of an apartment complex visualize and track power usage. My team followed service-design methodologies, including requirements gathering, use-case modeling and service blueprinting as a bottom-up design strategy, as well as top-down strategies to envision how the system could be made compelling for the individual user.

    Final Presentation (PPT)

  • Information & Service Design
    Fall 2009

    Competencies: Web design, web development, XML, XSLT

    I worked to update the design and maintain content of this XML and XSLT-driven website for the ISD group at the UC Berkeley School of Information.


  • Product Design and Development
    Fall 2007

    Competencies: Survey design, user interviews, requirements gathering, data analysis, sketching, prototyping

    In this design course, my team developed an alarm clock design targeted toward college students. We followed user research methodologies to design the alarm, and developed a business plan for it as well.

    User Needs Report (PPT)
    Final Report (PPT)