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  Michael Buckland, Emeritus Professor.

 Concepts in Documentation and Information Management

***NEW*** - Krajobraz Informatyki: Amerykańskiego Towarzystwa Nauk Informacyjnych na 62. Polish translation by Valeria Aleksandrova, 2015, of Landscape of Information Science: ASIS at 62. (JASIS 1999).
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Cybersemiotics: Why Information is Not Enough, by Søren Brier (U of Toronto P., 2008). An extraordinarily complete approach to thinking about information, documents, life and knowing combining cybernetics, linguistics, semiotics, and biology - with special reference to Library and Information Science. Noteworthy for rejecting the usual reductionist "scientific" approaches based on formal logic and algorithms.
- The conferences and activities of the Document Academy, a loosely coupled international network of scholars, artists, and professionals, in various fields, interested in the exploration of the document as a useful approach, concept and tool, in sciences, arts, business and society, in general, can now be found at its new website:
- Roger T. Pedauque and the Pluridisciplinary Thematic Network on Documents and Content: Creation, Indexing, Navigation (Reseau Thematique Pluridisciplinaire: Document et Contenu: Creation Indexation, Navigation ("RTP-Doc"), supported by the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique has summarized its work in two books:
- - Pedauque, R. T. Le document a la lumiere du numerique, presente par Jean-Michael Salaun. C&F, Caen, 2006.
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- - *** NEW *** Russian translation by Viktoriya Parnak, 2015: Академические наследия библиотечных и информационных наук Ресурсы и возможности.
- - *** NEW *** Ukrainian translation by Viktoriya Parnak, 2015: Aкадемічний спадщини бібліотечних та інформаційних наук: Ресурси і можливості.
- Course: 290-3: Concepts of Information Management. Fall 1999.
- Forme, Signification, et Structure des Systemes de Selection du Savoir. ISKO99, Lyon, France, Oct 21, 1999.
- Information as Thing (or as Process or as Knowledge). (JASIS 1991)
- What is a document? (JASIS 1997)
- What is a digital document? (Document Numerique 1998)
- Vocabulary as a central concept in LIS. (CoLIS3 1999)
- Nature of Records Management Theory. (American Archivist 1994)
- Documentation, Information Science and Library Science in the USA. (IPM 1996)
- Landscape of Information Science: ASIS at 62. (JASIS 1999). "Document" and "Computational" traditions.
- - ***NEW*** Krajobraz Informatyki: Amerykańskiego Towarzystwa Nauk Informacyjnych na 62. Polish translation by Valeria Aleksandrova, 2015.
- - ***NEW*** Простір Науки Інформатики. Ukrainian translation by Anna Matesh, 2016.
- Liberal arts and the development of schools of LIS. Summary,   Text. (CoLIS2 1996).
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