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This space is currently used to collect and organize material that might appear on the syllabus.

  • Adapting the Open Source Concept to Other Content: Reports on Other Experiments

  • Adapting the Open Source Concept to Principles of Democratic Governance
    • Charles Sabel, Work and Politics: The Division of Labor in Industry, Chapter 1.
    • Steven Weber, What if Open Source Principles of Governance Find Their Way into Communities of Knowledge and Practice in Politics?, OPEN SOURCES: VOICES FROM THE OPEN SOURCE REVOLUTION (2d Ed. Forthcoming 2005).

Critique of Benkler

Critical Analysis of Wikis

Seth Finkelstein

  • The moral quandary of involving Wikipedia in online 'censorship'
    • Wikipedia deleted information about the kidnapping of an NY Times journalist
    • Is it right to control "free media?"
    • Vague Wikipedia policy: "it hadn't appeared in a place we would regard as a reliable source"
    • Will the same thing be done for the "not-so-connected" people?


Potential Book Chapters or Excerpts