Computer-mediated relationship formation. Currently my primary research area, with the goal of understanding and improving the experience of finding a romantic partner through mediated channels.

Enron email analysis. Analysis of informational and interactional patterns in the corpus of email messages from Enron that the U.S. government released during its investigation of the company.

NGDB: Newsgroup Database. Customized Usenet news server that stores and analyzes messages and conversations in a database backend. (Sociable Media Group)

Affective Circles. A version of Fernanda Viégas' Chat Circles 2 graphical chat system that conveys the galvanic skin response of its users. (Sociable Media Group)

Gestalt visual grouping of Web page components. Course project with Sheel Dhande for Rosalind Picard's Pattern Recognition course at the MIT Media Lab.

Treemaps of Usenet [PDF]. With Marc Smith at Microsoft Research, I developed a visualization of Usenet newsgroup postings as a squarified treemap:

Newsgroup behavior [PDF]. With Marc Smith and Scott Counts at Microsoft Research, I ran a study to find associations between how people behave in Usenet newsgroups and how others perceive them. That is, we examined what low-level behaviors lead observers to draw various high-level conclusions about a person.

Newsgroup visualizations [PDF]. Dashboard interface for reading and understanding patterns of interaction in newsgroups, with Marc Smith at Microsoft Research.

Wireless network use. Analysis and visualization of wireless network activity during Cornell's trial of the technology in 2000. (Cornell HCI Lab)