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Quantified Self (n).

externalizing our bodies through data to learn more about ourselves.

This process creates a bridge between our biological and personal information and the technical products in our lives.

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Quantified Self is also a broader tech trend that has grown as sensors have become cheaper & more ubiquitous.

The quantified self is more than just tools, though; it's about asking good questions and finding smart answers.

It's easier than ever to find interesting patterns in commonly collected data; here, a person notices their weight increasing.

Based on our observations, we can start to ask new questions about ourselves to find correlations and trends; here, that an increase in visits to the local sandwich shop is correlated with weight gain.

Spreadsheet entries with qualitative data can be analyzed for patterns to explain why weight gain may have occurred.

All of these tools and questions often create some misconceptions;
quantified self is not about:

Tech Utopianism

Reducing people to data

Creating superhumans

Quantified Self looks a little more like this:

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Andrew Lambert

Age: 25

Height: 178cm

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Ashwini Sriram

Age: 25

Height: 167cm

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Age: 23

Height: 188cm

The first QS meetup happened in Kevin Kelly's basement, the community has grown across the world ever since.

Quantify Yourself

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Congratulations, you are quantifying yourself! See how easy it is?

You can also join the Quantified Self community: Bay Area Meetup Group